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Rope Classes
Rope Class

Teaching Abroad

Whether you'd like me to teach or perform at a convention, or instruct at an intensive class in your city, I am always very happy to meet with people in different communities to share the things I've learned and developed.

Please consult my Class List to see some of the techniques and theory I can teach. If something you are interested in is not listed, please contact me to ask about it.

Private Intensive Weekend

For people from outside of the greater Montreal area, I offer the possibility to come here for a weekend, and have an intensive of private learning with me. Basically, we spend the whole weekend together, talking about rope. This weekend includes a place to stay, food, discussions about rope, and many hours of private instruction. That way, you don't have to think about anything but learning rope!
Note that I wrote weekend, but it can be done any day, and last longer than 2 days, if you so wish.

Contact me to inquire further.

Private Tuition

If you live in Montreal and want a more personal approach in learning rope, or need tips on specific aspects of your rope technique, private tuition is another option available for you.

Rope Class
Rope Class

Weekly classes in Montreal

At the weekly classes, you can learn the basics of Japanese style rope bondage, from the first tie to intense suspensions. The classes run on a drop-in basis and there is no need to register in advance; just show up and start learning right away.

Shibari Level 1

This weekly class is aimed for beginners; for both people who have never tried rope in their lives or those who want to perfect their basic skills before starting suspensions. In level 1 you will learn basic techniques, harnesses and rope handling, while giving you many tools to start enjoying kinbaku right away. Even if you are a more advanced rigger, these classes might give you a new perspective on basic ties.

Shibari Level 2

Once your skill level is high enough, you can start taking the level 2 classes to learn more advanced harnesses, suspension skills and further improve at rope handling.

Complete Curriculum of Weekly Classes


Live Performance

I am available to perform live at any type of event (party, circus, LARP etc.) Send me a message with the event's description and an idea of what you would like to see, so that we may discuss rates.

Rope Class


If you have a photoshoot project and want to add some rope to it, I would love to collaborate with you. I enjoy working with other artists to create powerful moments to capture and share. Just contact me to discuss rates and details.

Photoshoot with WillCat
Photo by Niyari
Performance with Arrogant Kitten
Photo by Caroline Moiny
Play session with Caliko Kitty
Photo by me
Performance with Constance
Photo by Caroline Moiny
Play session with Syrenka
Photo by me
Mobile Hashira play session with Fox
Photo by me
Breath play session with Arrogant Kitten
Photo by me
Hishi Teppou with Amélie
Photo by me

Where is it?

Classes are held at Tension, in a splendid zen loft located in St-Henri. For more details on the services and events offered there, please visit Tension's website.

Tension Logo

More questions?

If you have questions about any of the classes or if you would like to discuss possible scheduling of any other service,
contact me via email with your inquiries.



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